Aliens - Ripley in Power Loader 5.5" Q-Fig Elite

Quantum Mechanix

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What do you do when faced with a giant alien xenomorph, bent on the destruction of the very last person still alive in the universe you care about? The answer is a mech suit. The answer is ALWAYS a mech suit. And no one knows that better than Ellen Ripley.

This Q-Fig perfectly captures the climax of Aliens as Ripley steps out of the shadows in her P-5000, ready for the fight of her life. The power loader is intricately sculpted to reflect every mechanized element of the exosuit including its giant claws, the hand controls and even the iconic red warning light. Ripley stands inside with a fiery look of determination, her eyes fixed upon one of cinema’s most terrifying creatures.

The Ripley With Power Loader Q-Fig Elite measures approximately 5 inches tall and stands on a starship-themed display base, designed to fit perfectly with the Q-Fig Max Elite Alien Queen


(No reviews yet) Write a Review