Disney Princess Royal Celebration Collection Series 3


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Kids will randomly get 1 of 12 Disney dolls in each storybook-shaped case, making each gift for them a surprise FAVORITE DISNEY CHARACTERS: Kids have the chance to receive Aladdin, Ariel, Aurora, Beast, Belle, Cinderella, Eugene Fitzherbert, Jasmine, Prince Charming, Prince Eric, Prince Phillip, and Rapunzel CONNECT AND COLLECT BOXES: Kids can show off their collection of Disney Princess characters by collecting all 12 and connecting the boxes (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) STORYBOOK-SHAPED CASES TURN INTO FUN BACKDROPS: Display backgrounds in each book-shaped case to turn them into the backdrop for lots of tiny Disney Princess adventures FOR KIDS AGES 3 AND UP: Kids who love the vast collection of animated Disney movies will love this collection of 2-inch dolls.