Garbage Pail Kids Classic Series Hot Head Harvey

The Loyal Subjects

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The Loyal Subjects gets dirty with the Garbage Pail Kids, immortalizing them in hero form, standing 4 inches tall on a hero’s base with the classic GPK name plates, a literal 3D manifestation of the classic cards. Packaged in a colorful display box, each figure comes with a GPK collector card ONLY offered with the GPK Classic items. The first wave will include Joe Blow, including an official “Bazooka Joe” print on Joe’s chest, Weird Wendy – “By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes!” – double double toil and trouble, stirring her witch’s brew, conjuring up streams of spell casting, green plumes, accompanied by a friendly frog (or a special ingredient?), Roy Bot, a Garbage Pail Kid turned into a world destroying robot, and Tee-Vee Stevie, a kid so entranced by television he turned into one! Following shortly after, the Twins! Rod Wad, Haggy Maggie, Hot Head Harvey, and Geeky Gary!