Hobby Kids Adventures Ooey Gooey Pickin' Surprise Pack (Series 1)

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Kids will love the zany imaginative toys from You - Tubes HobbyKids TV and the new HobbyKids Adventures with the HobbyKids Ooey Gooey Pickin Surprise Series 1. Each blind bag includes one oozer, one surprise ooze, and a buggy surprise. Will you bring home Hobby - Pig, Hobby - Bear, Hobby - Frog, or the ULTRA-rare Hobby Nose? Kids can squeeze their slime oozer to watch slime ooze from their characters nose or mouth. Whats in your ooze? Kids can gross out their friends and family with this ooey toy. Fans of HobbyKids Adventures will love taking their favorite character on all their adventures. Kids can get one of four oozers, ooze, and surprise bugs! Now the surprise and excitement of HobbyKids Adventures comes to your home with the new line of HobbyKids Toys. Bring home the zany world of HobbyKids Adventure with the HobbyKids Ooey Gooey Pickin Surprise Series 1, and the rest of HobbyKids Toys! Ages 3+