Marvel Spider-Man Bend and Flex Mysterio, 6"


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Mysterio uses his mind-bending illusions to thwart his opponent!

Twist! Turn! Flex your power! Kids can bend, flex, pose, and play with their favorite Marvel Super Heroes with these super agile Spider-Man Bend and Flex Figures! Collect characters inspired by Marvel Universe with a twist (each sold separately). These stylized Super Hero action figures have bendable arms and legs that can bend and hold in place for the perfect pose! There’s plenty of heroic daring and dramatic action when kids shape their Bend and Flex figures into plenty of playful poses.

The included accessory helps kids enhance the pose and play out favorite Marvel scenes. Create berserk battles with the hero adapting and flexing some fancy moves! After all, a good hero (or villain) is always flexible.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review