Mini Mobile Heart Halo Light - Compact LED Ring Light Full RGB, All Colors

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Product Overview

The perfect selfie starts here! Add just the right amount of light to your selfies, videos, and pictures with the ON AIR Mini Mobile Heart Halo Light. This unique mobile ring light features 12 LED lights that emit a bright, soft glow that is perfect for highlighting all your best features. With the press of a button, you can cycle through 18 different light modes that span the full RGB color spectrum until you find the right color that best suits your mood. Clip the heart halo light onto your phone, tablet, or laptop thanks to its easy clip-on design, the ON AIR Mini Mobile Heart Halo Light is compatible with all mobile devices. It is also lightweight and compact for ultra-portability. With this stylish, portable halo light, you can instantly elevate your selfies and photographs to a whole new level. Just clip on, turn on, open your favorite photo app, and let the selfie magic begin!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review