Panda Time to Wake Sleep Trainer with Ceiling Projection


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This Sharp branded clock has a cute panda design with innovative time to wake and sleep settings, as well as a nightlight and projector! This clock is designed to teach your child when it is time to get up and when it is time to stay in bed. Keep your child in bed longer and get more sleep! It has intuitive, easy to use controls and unlike some other sleep trainers on the market, it saves your settings for easy use every night. The animated and color-coded display teaches your child when it is ok to get out of bed. When the Panda's face is orange (and has its eyes closed) it signals that your child should stay in bed. When the Panda's face turns green (and its eyes open) it is time to get up! You can also set the Panda to light up orange at a specified bedtime, so they know it is time for bed. When the orange light goes on, it’s time for bed! Very simple to operate and set and will save your settings for the next day!