Rip Rainbows In Pieces Arrow Die Namic Figure

MGA Entertainment

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They're Rainbows in Pieces, your dead uni friends! Cute little critters who meet tragic ends. Gonna fight the undead,and escape with their heads. These unis play for keeps, not for pretends. R.I.P. Rainbows in Pieces unicorns are hilarious, edgy, gnarly, messed up collectible vinyl unicorns that had something go wrong...really, really wrong. Every R.I.P. unicorn character comes with a holographic trading card with a unique limerick eulogy that tells you how they met (or escaped) their demise, a collectors' guide / death certificate, detachable rainbow stand, and dumpster box. These 12 gnarly, messed up R.I.P. unicorn characters are dying to meat you!