Space Jam: A New Legacy - 5" Lebron Robin Action Figure

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Welcome to the Jam! The Looney Tunes are back and have joined forces with Basketball Champion LeBron James on an epic cyberworld adventure in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Now you can collect the characters from the film and recreate some of the all-star moves and scenes with these cool action Figures! LeBron is ready to take on the Goon Team as Robin. This awesome Baller Figure of LeBron dressed in Robin's outfit is 5" tall with articulated head, arms and legs. Lebron comes with a Bo Staff accessory that he can hold in his hands. Collect all the other Space Jam: A New Legacy Baller Figures. Each Baller Figure come with their own ACME inspired accessory with a Space Jam twist. Hit the court with these action packed Space Jam: A New Legacy toys and get ready for the ultimate basketball game!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review