US Weekly - The Ultimate Celebrity Party Game

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First split into two teams. Place the buzzer in the middle of the table with the Celebrity Cards, Head-to-Head Cards and gameboard. Each team chooses a player to represent them in round 1: Celebrity Buzzer Battle. Both players sit opposite each other with the buzzer between them. Flip over a Head-to-Head Card to reveal a category, e.g. Celebrities who are bald. The first player to think of a correct answer shouts it out and hits the buzzer to start the 15-second countdown. The opposing player must quickly shout out a new celebrity and hit the timer to reset it. Now its back with the first player. And so on. Players keep firing celebrities at each other, like tennis players trading shots, until one of them runs out of answers. The winner earns their team an advantage which they take into round 2: Triple Charades Jeopardy. The player who won round 1 draws nine Celebrity Cards from the deck and secretly looks at them. They give the hardest six to their opponent from round 1 (who also keeps them secret) and keep the easiest three for themselves. Their opponent then chooses their favorite three cards from the six in their hand. Both performing players now decide which cards to place face down on the three category squares on their side of the gameboard. Each performing player has 30 seconds to get their team to guess all three celebrities by describing them in three ways: One Word. Impression. Describe It. Once a Celebrity Card has been correctly guessed, flip over the card. If a team guesses all three Celebrity Cards, and they still have time to spare, they can try to steal their opponents face down cards. When times up, they add all the Celebrity Cards theyve won to their collection. Now its the other teams turn. The first team to collect a celebrity from all eight categories: (A-List, Sports Stars, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Politicians, Lucky Dip! Permission to act like divas for the rest of the day! One of the top new board games for 2020. Recommended for 4 or more players, ages 14 and up